There are several ways to contribute to the the project. All contributors must first sign the Oracle Contributor Agreement.

bug Report Issues

Reporting issues is crucial to OSS projects. If the issue isn't reported, we can't fix it. Please report any bugs, feature, or enhancement requests on our issue tracker.

git Submit Patches

Have a fix or a feature you'd like to share? Open an issue and link your patch with details on what you're fixing and how you're fixing it.

pen Documentation

None yet :( Contributions welcome.

blog Blogs

Are you using Avatar.js? We'd love to hear how you're using it in your projects. Write a blog and drop us a note with a link.

reviews Code Review

More eyes on the code means better quality. Review our code for style issues, potential issues, or glaring bugs. Anything helps!

support Support the Community

Have insight on an issue another is having? Speak up! Join our mailing lists

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